The Curation Process

We do not compromise on the quality, purity and integrity of the range of products offered. Our commitment is to present you with only the finest and purest natural and organic skin, hair and beauty products available in Africa, made by Africans for Africans.Featured products are packed with vitamins, essential oils and agents that protect and enhance the health of your hair and skin.

We are proud of the brands we partner with that provide all-natural and organic products that include skincare, hair care, body care, cosmetics and health solutions. We carefully and tirelessly look for and select only the best products that will nourish your skin, hair and entire body, organically and naturally. Our products are sourced throughout Africa and are safe for adults and children.

The products available from us are:

    • Free from artificial fragrance and colourings
    • Paraben free, nano particle and sulphate free
    • Free from toxic chemicals

What does this mean? We look for products that use ingredients such as cold-pressed oils, butters, essential oils, natural extracts, clays and charcoals. These are all natural beauty ingredients that have been used for millenniums all over Africa.

From our base in Kenya, we promote and partner with brands that are founded in Africa or by Africans in the diaspora, especially women, reinforcing our belief in buying from and supporting local and independent businesses.