PRODUCT REVIEW: Mugzie’s Naturals Extra Rich Body Butter

Ingredients: Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Coconut Oil, Castor oil, Beeswax, Peppermint oil, Vanilla oil (and ingenuity!)

Price: Twin sample size @550ksh, Medium jar @1150ksh, Large @1590ksh


Let me start by saying, I have just gotten to the bottom of my medium jar of this body butter after slathering it on from head to toe everyday for the last 6 weeks.

As the first product that I have tried and tested out of all the amazing ones that will be available for sale on Cocoa Cure, Mugzie’s extra rich body butter has set the bar extremely high. I have even come to the point where I am considering doing a “battle of the body butters” series and creating a panel of judges to see who will be crowned victor! Am I taking my love of nourishing skin butters to the next level or do you guys think I should actually do this? Lol!

Ultimately, there are many different kinds of body butters currently available locally that can assist with different skin needs. I was at a point where my skin was feeling particularly dry and looking cracked (mainly legs) and I had been using coconut oil, which unfortunately was not working for me on its own (Coconut oil doesn’t work for me ☹- read more HERE). So after reading the ingredients list on the jar, I had high hopes that it would assist with these issues.

My first impression was delight – a body butter that was in a glass jar! It isn’t commonly known that most commercially used plastics are manufactured using unsafe chemicals such as BPA and DEHP, which can leach into food, drink and cosmetic products. As someone who is concerned with healthy living, this is something I pay attention to, yet and still, plastics can be very hard to completely avoid. A lot of natural skin and bodycare product brands will struggle to find the appropriate and affordable glass packaging solutions locally, so this is an area where I have been willing to make concessions when it comes to non-toxic beauty and cosmetics. Nevertheless, Mugzie has gone the extra mile and ticked this box as she packages most of her products in glass.

My second and most glorious impression of this product was the smell! It smells phenomenal – and I’m not exaggerating. It smells of minty (from the peppermint), chocolate-y (from the cocoa butter) vanilla-y (from the vanilla oil) heaven. If you’ve ever eaten an after eight chocolate, it smells pretty close to that – divine!

So now finally on to me actually using it…To be honest, I would have used it everyday either way because it smells so damn good, but after one application fresh out the shower, my skin was so soft and glowing! Plus I smelt edible! I have used it everyday since and my skin has loved it. It has helped so much with the dryness I was experiencing whilst using the coconut oil. It hasn’t gotten rid of the cracked skin on my legs (not sure that is possible), but my skin doesn’t look cracked on other parts of my body as much as it did before. The cracked skin on my legs might be attributed to the fact that I have criminally not been drinking enough water so I may be slightly dehydrated. I need to seriously up my water intake! I have also noticed my stretch marks have noticeably faded since I’ve been using this butter, which was a welcomed surprise.

It’s official I am addicted to this body butter, as is my cousin (who tried to steal it but I stole it back) and aunties- who have been hounding me to get them their orders. Everyone that smells it notices the yummy minty-cocoa-vanilla smell and asks what exactly I am feeding my skin. One criticism would be the texture- for a whipped body butter it can get a little on the hard side, as opposed to the fluffy side, I’m not sure if this is the beeswax’s doing? Despite this, it will melt gloriously in warm hands and sink right into your skin. I would use it right after my morning and evening showers, but also when I spotted dryness during the day (it went everywhere with me). This butter gets a 5/5 from me!

If you’ve used Mugzie’s extra rich body butter, or any of Mugzie’s products, comment on your experience below! Let us know what you think and if there are any other body butters you currently love.

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