Who We Are

Welcome to Cocoa Cure Kenya! We are an online retailer that supplies a selection of beauty, cosmetic and health products curated from brands spanning across Africa and its diaspora. This company was established to create a platform where African people who are looking for homegrown brands retailing products that cater to the diversity of their skin, hair, health and cosmetics needs, can find them easily in one place.

At Cocoa Cure, we are all about cherishing and celebrating the beauty and diversity of African skin, hair and beauty. We have this one obsession – and that is natural beauty care! Our mission is to re-discover and unlock the secrets of Africa’s ancient sources of beauty and share them freely with you.

Join us as we discover the brands our continent has to offer!

Our Vision for the Future

To be the premiere online destination for beauty and cosmetics curated from African brands, providing accessibility to consumers globally.

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